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Unapologetic growth

Graphite pencils in sepia-toned recycled 160 gsm paper

Ideas, some powerful ones, impregnated her with seeds. The ones that grew from within soaked in light through her eyes and germinated in the warmth of her mind. They kept growing, like an infestation, while her clueless body tried to fight them away. This was the beginning of her new reality, the seeds grown into a conviction now, she could feel it in her bones! The first saplings, the young ones being the most erratic, cracked through her skull, putting her through prickling pain. In a momentary lapse of time they became trees, grew deeper roots within her skull and expanding branches above, spreading through the surface, proliferating to the rest of what was once her.

With a new taste for freedom, she realised her unapologetic growth, her new reality.

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