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Acrylic on three 6x8' canvases

I recently watched Nolan’s Tenet, which has some confusing ideas about the physical concepts of time and entropy, which I couldn’t digest as a physicist. However, watching the scientifically not-so-appetising, but visually mind-boggling movie, the ephemeral nature of events around and within us hit me like a firetruck. It has been a constant thought from early childhood (sadly enough and with no reason) living in a shell of fear of loosing everything I hold dear when I wake up one morning, or at the end of a meal, finishing a book, returning from school after an exam- the tiniest of actions had prodigious and unrelated consequences in my head. It fed my anxiety while growing up, tucking me away in its ‘safe’ pockets. While still trying to get to the roots of it (it’s a frustratingly long process of enquiry!) I emphatically look at my younger self, at everyone who’s going through these phases for various reasons, and hope that you have the strength and audacity to get through your distress!

Trying a new format of three canvasses put together to form a story, to reminisce the transient nature of the world as the arrowhead of time ceases to exist without its tail in the past, and pass a smirk at my anxiety in its face. Let the bright blue skies burn to an amber with vermilion lashes, and form the deepest and the most beautiful blues and purples. I shall find my peace at the end of the cycle, or at the beginning of another one.

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