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The H in my crooked hand

Charcoal and graphite pencils on A3 sepia-toned paper

I’ve heard about how artists are a self-obsessed crowd, (don’t know how true it is and the extent of extrapolation to me!) so let me put my obsession with my hands out there! I don’t know when it began, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been fixated to the anatomy of my very crooked and aged-looking hands- the little triangles in the skin stretching along the crevices, the tightness in the corners that wrap around my knuckles, green veins running from the tip of the fingers forming familiar shapes like an italicised H where metacarpals lie underneath.. Although they look underfed, bony and pale, I dance with my fingers, make the green veins pop, stretch my dainty wrists, with a sense of freedom releasing with every snap!

Told you, I’m obsessed with my hands 🙃

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