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Sailing the Fog

Acrylic in 8'x10' 300 gsm textured paper

The surface of the sea calm, insignificant waves trying to rock the vessel mildly out of phase with the wind. Aiming the south of the Fjords, the sailor’s expectant eyes follow the fog lying ahead to clear her view. Mountains in the backdrop fade behind mystical trails of fog, its eeriness spreading roots to the serene sea bed. The absence of darkness in the fog sucks the sail into it, equally frightening as the black hollow hidden in the trenches which are now out of sight.

Used to living in the world of darkness, the white void is scary to her. In the world of blacks and whites, she finds shelter in shades of grey. In the world of colours, she fills herself with as many as she could, merging as one with the spectrum. Payne’s grey in clouds faraway that hide the mountains, teal and aquamarine blues in the waves embracing the craft, Prussian blue mixed with raw umber in its shadow cast over the waters, and white, just white fog, all around her above the boat.

The unknown hidden inside the fog, or the absence of everything in it- which is more terrifying?

While her mind wandered to a gazillion worlds, waves cradled her in their palms inviting her to a deep slumber. From the whirly silence that lasted forever, ticks from the analogue watch on her left wrist brought her back into the framework of reality- her space and time. The sail, the sea, and she kept moving, carrying a minuscule of fog in her wooden box. She carries it to fill the next ditch of dark in her way; something for her journey ahead.

Painted for a dear friend, who loves sailing and has a story or two to share of his journey to the Fjords, Norway.