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For Eons to Come

A self portrait: acrylic on A4 canvas

Bedlam, turmoil and other whims of unrest floated about, in disarray. Knives hurled past, casting violent streaks of scarlet reds and sickly yellows. She twirled amidst the warmest of the blues that spun around her, arms in a pirouette and her dress caught in the prance. With her world blazing away, she donned a shimmering blue, which in its hunger engulfed what was left of her corpus. Soaring high, her soul let out a wail.

Her sanctified soul, the phoenix, now rests on her right shoulder for eons to come.

The accidental texture in the painting is just my lack of techniques- first time palette knife user! :/ I like it though. Happy accidents!

Also, see the IGTV video for the time-lapse of the work (which took 6 hours over 2 days!) with my voice cover!

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