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Childhoods Lost

I was lucky to have a childhood that now fills me with happy memories, and a special one at that has appooppanthaadi in it (translates to- an old man’s beard) which is a variety of milkweed seen in Kerala. I remember chasing hundreds of thousands of appooppanthaadi falling from the sky-scraping trees in Vayalar, – fearless and carefree, playing with them, laughing with them as they joshed around. For the then eight year old me the air was filled with aspirations, dreams and appooppanthadi.The children of Gaza, dead and alive, the victims of humanity’s misplaced trust in various movements, will never have such stories to tell. The dead cannot speak, and those alive would have their eyes and mouth shut with blood and dust. I hope they heal and overcome the greed of war and the brutalities of their lives. Hoping they can smile one day and live in a world where the sun does not hurt their backs, I dedicate my plush memories of appooppanthadi to them.

See BTS video here with voice-over.