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Acrylic on A4 canvas board

The unusually fair-skinned Shiva (as opposed to his ‘normal bluish skin) depicts his Saatva form (pure, sanctified) where he is the master of wisdom, preaching while facing southwards, earning the name Dakshinamoorthi. Some texts refer to Dakshinamoorthi to be ‘as white as the full moon or a jasmine flower’ to be exact, although this seems very racist in my perspective as a 21st century Indian woman. Nevertheless, he takes the form of a Guru who brings the light of wisdom to the dark universe of mysterious secrets, as ‘eeshwaran’. Shakthi is the most powerful source of energy capable of ruthless destruction as well as unfathomable empathy. The vigour in her expression to fight the evils of the world and the warmth in her eyes to protect those in it brings us to the ‘naree’ in Ardhanareeshwaran.

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