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Gouache in A4 300 gsm cold-pressed paper

I remember an afternoon in the middle of a school year, some 15 years ago, when the clouds conspired against all beings underneath them, living and non-living, and turned the sky into deep shades of purple.

The bright sky in Cerulean blue hastily consumed reds and yellows of anger and fear. The anticipation of rain floated by, a drizzle at the very least. It was amid the monsoons in Kerala, so thunderous showers wouldn’t have been a surprise. A few rays of the evening sun gently cutting through the cloud cover, however, was unexpected. With a tease, light took a peek below, sighed at its dramatic show of the evening and stitched up the cloud tear.

And then, it rained- gloriously, with no mercy!

See full BTS video here.

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